Agrigold Fertilizers welcomes you

Agrigold Group since its inception in the year 1995 has been working with a Corporate vision & mission as the guiding principle of promoting evergreen revolution in sectors that are the catalysts for economic growth having substantial participation in those areas of endeavor which have multiplier effect on employment generation and socio-economic development of the rural and semi urban areas and by adopting environment friendly technologies.

In this past fourteen years, the company has grown into a dynamic and a multi Agri Industry conglomerate and has been steadily expanding into green field areas with the objective of investing into those sectors which promote evergreen revolution in Food, Nutrition and Employment Security.

The Company originated with focus on Integrated Corporate Farming and gradually developed into Agri Industry group, expanding into every system of agricultural activity through productive blend of backward and forward integration. The produce of agriculture including waste is processed to manufacture value added products for the implementation of sustainable organic farming.

The marvelous achievement in the quality of products and its value added result with awareness throughout India is a matter of great pride. This company with sustained growth in organic farming as time honored concept has decided to diversify this fertilizer field with new concept for bring out new products with latest technologies and development for obtaining green revolution as per the trend world over.

With interminable achievements and zealous mission, the family of Agrigold, has been growing gradually every year, geographically and in strength, with great applauses for Agrigold products. Our vision is manifesting as a reality and this shall soon become the truth.

Our Aim
“Agrigold Organics Pvt. Ltd." supplies all the products with thorough quality assurance following the FCO act 1985 strictly.

Our aim includes:

  • Motivation of organic farming
  • Helping the Downtrodden farmers in terms of supply of fertilizers
  • Helping the flood effected areas monetarily
  • Organizing & creating awareness through conversing and demonstrating about organic Farming
  • Helping the farmers in solving the soil problems by testing and providing remedies

We have garnered extraordinary applause from Rubber Board, Spice Board, Coconut Board, Horticluture Department and have received awards from Malayalam Manorama in Kerala, and also selected as one of the Pearls of Andhra Pradesh.


Our organization, through Agrigold fertilizers, mainly concentrates on the following objectives:

  • To achieve potential yield of crops
  • To minimize the cost of cultivation
  • To optimize and sustain the resource base
  • To demonstrate the need for soil health management
  • To inculcate the principle of integrated nutrient management


Message from Chairman, Agrigold Group

Agrigold Chairman, Mr VR Rao Avvas Agrigold Organics Pvt Ltd, one of the dynamic divisions of the Agrigold Group. Agrigold Organics is working with a social vision and mission as the guiding principle of promoting evergreen revolution in various sectors for generating employment and Socio-Economic development. Agrigold Organics always strives to maintain its Eco-Friendly status. It is a marvellous achievement for Agri Gold Group to produce a wide range of fertilizer products with guaranteed high quality standards and value added results. Constantly and Consistently. The feeling of social responsibility on part of Agrigold Organics, guides them to do this along with bringing awareness amongst the farmers throughout India. This is a matter of great pride and we have to applaud it greatly.

Now, Agrigold Organics, with sustained growth in organic farming as a time honoured concept has decided to diversify this fertilizer field. Agrigold Organics has brought out several new products with latest technologies and development for obtaining green revolution as per the trend world over. With this interminable achievement and zealous mission, Agrigold stepped into the field of complex fertilizers keeping in view, the high demand of India's highly utilized commodity. Agrigold Organics also endeavours serving our bread providers in a far better way.

Agrigold Organics also started supplying imported DAP, MOP, NPK complex fertilizers too.

With all these achievements Agri Gold, as a Group, has carved a niche for itself not only in the fertilizers segment, but also in different other areas of agriculture. Agrigold Organics has opened a new chapter and is constantly envisaging a new system in agriculture and agro-based industrial sector.

I wish the Agrigold Organics team, all the best to achieve even more greater heights and to lead the industry with its quality and zeal.

V.R. Rao Avvas,
Agrigold Group of Industries